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ONDESONORE @  Teatro Caporali – Panicale Pg

18 febbraio  2023




ARBOR SONUS @  Città di Castello / Monte Tezio

Tetraktis Percussioni + Federico Ortica


15 giugno – 6 agosto  2022





10 Giugno 2022


Sound Installation  


Maggio / Giugno 2022


Sound Installation  

RESONANTREES @ Triennale di Milano

4 settembre 2021


Sound Installation  

RESONANTREES salone del mobile

“Resonantrees performing MarcoMengoni”, l’installazione sonora con al centro la voce e le i di Mengoni che risuonano all’interno degli alberi del “Bosco di Forestami” realizzata dal Sound Artist Federico Ortica, presente agli spazi espositivi del “supersalone” a Fiera di Milano Rho.

5-10 settembre 2021


Sound Installation  


Consegnati  l’11 dicembre, con l’intervento del Presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella, i riconoscimenti ai vincitori di premi all’innovazione istituiti da associazioni ed enti del mondo del progetto, della ricerca e della produzione.

11 dicembre 2020


Sound Installation  



Mostra Tree Time 

progetto espositivo del Museo Nazionale della Montagna “Duca degli Abruzzi” di Torino, dà voce ai linguaggi dell’arte per una nuova visione, gestione e cura degli alberi, dei boschi e delle foreste


MUSE Museo delle Scienze – Trento

30 ottobre 2020 – 30 maggio 2021


Sound Installation for 4 resonant steel 


omaggio a Mikhail Kulakov

Mikhail Kulakov

” La via del guerriero” Palazzo della Corgna, Castiglione del Lago

16 dicembre 2019 – 26 gennaio 2020



Sound Installation SOLEN

Sound Installation for 8 resonant steel


Sound Installation RESONANT TREES



Sound Installation ResonanTrees





Sound Installation ResonanTrees

European Design Awards 2019  |

Gold Prize | Category – Digital Installations


R e s o n a n t  S t e e l  | Live electronics
live performance


R e s o n a n t r e e s  | Sound Installation
site specific 2018


DIAGOO | live electronics performance
live set 2018 – excerpt

GRANDMOTHER | Installation
Installation with 12 mt steel ring


HERE AND THROUGH | AV Installation
with Luca Truffarelli

Here and through” is a mixed-media installation and short video.
The project invites you to experience the present as a personal journey representing the endless voyage of a soul through past, present and future.
The short video, shot in 8mm, is projected on a steel sheet which will be acoustically stimulated via a digital algorithm producing sine waves and creating physical and psychological resonance.

JICAMO 2.0 | Composition
for 4 congas and live electronics

It combines two very different languages; that of the ancient afro-cuban percussion tradition and that of the electronic sound. The aim is to create a rythmic and musical connection between our primordial trembling of our skin and it’s digital processing. From the top-down, from heaven to earth, the sound of the tumbadora takes you to a terrestrial reality, more than any other percussion, it’s digital elaboration will accompany you into a space-time path which goes beyond the concrete reality of sound.

FOETUS | A/V Performance

New media live art through the wonder of pregnancy
Foetus, is an un-seen and highly innovative concept of new media live art where humanity and technologies are interlaced through the wonder of pregnancy.
The concept is to explore how a woman maneuvers physically and psychologically through the progression of pregnancy, drawing on the journey from acceptence through to submergence. The personal experience of the prengrant performer is translated in movement an body expression obtaining an always-unique live performance piece. The AV performance sees the acquisition of two indipendent signals: ECG electrocardiogram and Fetal ultrasound doppler. The sound is elaborated in real time creating a sound weaving made both concrete e synthetic noises produced by the information coming from the ECG. The video installation show the analysis of data coming from the OMAX.


FILM | Composition
macchina della vista e dell’udito

Film is a two-part performance-based installation where the languages and technologies of video art, robotics and sound design are filtered into the time-tested techniques of oil painting and storytelling. FILM pioneers techniques of cinematic archaeology. Concept, direction and videocompositing vincenzo schino – pictorical opera pierluca cetera – performer catia gatelli- text florinda fusco – sound design federico ortica – technical direction and stagecraft emiliano austeri – video compositing supervisoring grazia genovese e paul harden / ackagi – sincronization and automation andrea belloni/ hacklab – mechanical project benigno riso/ hacklab – curator marta bichisao – administration marco betti – production fontemaggiore teatro – support ternifestival, nanaproject; artistic residency indisciplinarte, associazione demetra/centro di palmetta, corsia off, armunia.


POOP | Composition
for Sousaphone and live electronics

Decontextualise, expropriate, isolated from its environment reference an instrument created only for playing in the marching band. Born in 1890 up to todayin 1890 it has quickly become the “big” of the brass family, indispensable for the diffusion of the “low frequency in the movement.” In “PooP” the Sousaphone is thus removed from his role, going from the last row to the first, the function of accompaniment to the solo role and others, immerses in the new soundscape, free from structures with an unusual traveling companion, the electronic sound.

LUMINA Audiovisione | A/V Composition
for Pipe Organ – video and live electronics

Do not hear the same thing when you see, you do not see the same thing when you hear it.

MA#theater | Theatre Project

“One morning we hiked along a path through the woods. We got to the top of a hill, took in the dawn and the mist. And we breathed”.
MA#theater is focused on the origin of movement and empty space, done with language that is spare and abstract.
The layout and the lines that describe its geometry and volume, come into contact with theatrical machinery and the choreography of a female figure.
Set design and dancing interact, energizing the movement of hanging sculptures, producing a continuous energy flow across animate and inanimate subjects.
Choreography, shared musical scores and light dynamics spin off unexpected, real-time events.
The overall objective is achieving a walk-through of suspended time and rarefied matter.
MA#theater is yet a gentle place of waiting, quiet and burgeoning light.
concept, choreography and dance marta bichisao – scenes and lights vincenzo schino – original composition and live electronics federico ortica – stagecraft antonio rinaldi, vincenzo schino – poetrical traces florinda fusco – choreographic assistent simona zaccagno – production opera e crt milano/ centro ricerche teatrali with the support of indisciplinarte/ terni festival, associazione demetra/centro di palmetta, fibre parallele teatro.

MA#museum | Theatre Project

The Japanese ideogram denoted by the word MA is a special type of aesthetical sensitivity, portrayed as empty space, silence or the motionlessness of objects.
MA#museum keys on the separateness of bodies as that which validates space for dialogue, and it muses on the changes
Technology and handy work figure into the stagecraft, generating a delicate, intimate type of space, being in which satisfies the essential condition for listening.
Dance interacts with an array of mobile sculptures, virtual and wire-figure, and with projected sound and light.
Sound is picked up directly from the movement of objects and sent back as a live electronic stream.
The choreography develops inside and outside of two cube-like structures, one full and the other empty.
The dance pets and draws in the public. Within a safe-zone delimited by the performance, time is suspended.
concept and choreoraphy marta bichisao – scenes and lights vincenzo schino – original sound composition federico ortica – with alessandro bedosti, marta bichisao stagecraft emiliano austeri, scenography vincenzo schino – video paul harden e grazia genovese – organization marco betti – production opera, crt milano/centro ricerche teatrali – support indisciplinarte/terni festival, associazione demetra/centro di palmetta


M. For Tymp | Composition
for classic tympani and live electronics

The piece “M. for Tymp” was composed with three classical timpani and electronic elaboration staff. The whole composition is based on the relationship between space and time: the sound of the timpani is the primary vibration; this vibration is moving trough the space and in the flow of time it explores different motional states. The pure sound of the drum gives a deep dimension to the space. The relationship between the sample of the percussion and computer processing generates different soundscapes destroying at the same time the rigidity of the rhythmic pulse to create a smooth imperfections.

H – C A B | Composition
for Harpischord – marbles Ben WA and live electronics

The MA it is beauty that materializes with the structuring of a special breaking condition…


ACQUA CALDA | AV Performance

@Piazza delle Sorgenti – Bagno Vignoni
Architectural Mapping

WATERFAIL | AV Performance
@ex acquedotto – Castiglione del Lago
Architectural Mapping

PX/L | AV Performance
@Live Performer Meeting – Rome
audiovisual project maked entirely of sounds and images that blend to create a synaesthetic, immersive narrative excursus

Asian Football Cup | Sound Design
Logo Animation AFC 2011

Evotek SYM 026 | Sound Design
F1 Simulator